more new bags coming up

Lots more knitting, felting, and embellishing have taken place at Lilibeth’s Garden.  The work that goes into each bag is probably more than one might realize.  This is why I usually let out a big sigh of relief as each one reaches the point of completion.  Here’s a glimpse of this week’s wares:



These last 2 bags are a new design, though I’ve seen fabric bags similar to this.  I had to figure out the pattern as I went along and thankfully it was a success from the get-go.  It’s quite involved, but the outcome is worth the time invested.  I’ll have to make myself one some day!

2 thoughts on “more new bags coming up

  1. I absolutely love the shape of the green one, especially with the useful long strap! I just discovered your bags on Ravelry, and they are absolutely gorgeous! I hope you put more of the larger ones up for sale soon. 🙂

  2. Thanks Jodi, that green one is probably my all time favourite. I now use one of the same design for toting around my knitting projects. 🙂

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