still at it


Still knitting away and trying to get back into the swing of things after the holidays.  I’m working on mini-handbags.  They are a quicker knit and so I hope to be able to offer a bag that’s artsy and affordable.  I really must stop knitting and do some felting and embroidery.  Once I get on a knitting binge, I can’t be stopped.  I just finished the heathery blue one and I want to immediately cast on for another!

I knit, therefore I am.

4 thoughts on “still at it

  1. Somewhere around $45, though a very fancy one could be $50. Small bags such as these still have a lot of time put into them. Some less fancy ones might be $40.

  2. i say if you’re on a knitting binge, stick with it – you never know when it’ll run out. and you can’t felt without the knit pieces.

    speaking of, back to the grindstone – i got a custom scarf order last night that i need to fill!

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