making a sale


Last night this bag sold. Last week another bag sold. I always get a thrill when I sell a bag. Now we can pay that dentist bill that’s been sitting on Jon’s desk. More than that though, it gives me a charge of motivation and inspiration to keep on creating. I have a natural love of creating, but I appreciate anything that boosts my enthusiam.

I’m always grateful to those who support people like me. Thank you!!!

7 thoughts on “making a sale

  1. Sales really do help support the drive to create. I’ve sold four of the scarves, and that makes me feel better sometimes. Well actually, all the scarves have sold, unlike many of the handbags that i’ve done!

    Where do your sales come from, usually?

  2. I sell exclusively on etsy, though I keep meaning to put a bag or two in a local shop here that would sell them on consignment. I’ll have to do that some day soon!

    Yup, your crocheted scarf is stunning!! I want one!! I’ll have to wait until some bills are paid up. 😉

  3. I just saw you advertised on the front page of etsy, and I love your bags. They’re simply beautiful, and I want one so you may have another purchase soon even though I shouldn’t money-wise. The best to you with your etsy shop and life in general!

  4. I saw your beautiful green felted bag on etsy’s front page and had to check out your store. I love it when fellow Etsian’s have blogs. I’ll be back to read more for sure!

  5. Thank you Beth!!! You’ve solved the mystery as to why I suddenly had a TON more hearts and views.

    Thanks also for buying that bag! 🙂

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