personal knitting etc.

Today Jon took the day off because he’s fighting a cold or flu or something.  Thankfully he wasn’t too sick to go out for a little day trip!  He’s always up for a trip to the yarn shop, I’m so lucky.  I’ve been busy busy busy making new bags, but I’ve been craving the odd personal knitting project.  I’m going to make Fiber Trends Felted Clogs for myself, and a pair in a small child’s size.  No child in particular, I simply want to see how fun they are to make.


I’m making the child’s version out of Alafoss Lopi in a colour called “Light Forest Heather”.  I accomplished this much on the drive back home, which was almost an hour.


These will be the colours of MY felted clogs.  Very fallish, but they will fit the mood come this autumn.  The green will actually be the main colour of the clogs.


This lovely skein above is from The Mirasol Yarn Collection ~ Miski Yarn. It’s 100% Baby Llama. I’m going to find something to either make for my Etsy shop (not a bag), or I’ll use it for something for moi. It’s very purdy stuff. The great thing about purchasing this yarn is that it support the company’s project based in Peru that aim’s to “take a percentage of every sale of Mirasol Yarn and invest it in the establishment and running of a boarding-house for local children.”

Here are a few more pics from our day, which include Jon shopping at our local market, and a surprise present from Jon.  I LOVE surprise presents, even the simple ones.  🙂



Jon knows I’m itching to focus on this house that we bought last fall.  It’s a diamond in the rough, but it’ll never look like a diamond if I don’t get any time to paint and plan!


Last, but not least, a very nice hand-painted ceramic button I bought.  It might end up on a future bag in my Etsy shop, OR it might end up on a bag for little ol’ me!

6 thoughts on “personal knitting etc.

  1. Very pretty colours…where did you go to buy them…I love the slippers and the button….whatever happened to the other slippers that you knit before you moved?

  2. awwww baby clogs!! sooooo cute!!! Does that pattern have the double sole??? Did you know they redid the pattern with a double sole???
    That is one WACK of meat Jon’s got!!! yummmmmmm!
    How did I know your clogs would be green and brown??? Mind readers i tell ya!

  3. Wendy, I got all of this at the Black’s Harbour Cricket Cove. I LOVE that shop! The slippers I made were for Jon and Faith. Faith wore hers right out, and I tend to steal Jon’s even tho they are wayyyy to big for me.

  4. Hey Kelly, yes the older version of the pattern has the double sole. The pattern insert is actually missing (discovered that after we were almost back in SJ!). FT are sending me the pattern in a pdf file.

    My gosh these things knit up quick!! They are sooooooo cute, I was gushing over the ones in the shop.

    Ha!! I figured you wouldn’t be shocked at my colour choice! 🙂

  5. Hey Girl~ So you went to town & bought some fun stuff…tehehe. I LOVE this page, you are sooo talented!

    Talk soon.

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