I’ve had a resurgence of my love of drawing, along with a new desire for painting.  Today is the kid’s last day of school and tonight they have their school closing.  Teacher gifts are needed so I’m going to attempt to do up little watercolour paintings.  Here are a few of the drawings I did last night.  It’s been ages since I’ve drawn so I’m kinda rusty, but practice will help.  Since watercolour painting is new for me, I’m going to practice first on photos I’ve printed out.

4 thoughts on “artyness

  1. oh my goodness! how talented are you?
    you are as talented as i’ve always dreamed of being.
    dunno why this talent eluded me, genetically, that is.
    it must’ve skipped a generation.
    i’m very proud of you, my daughter!

    love you!

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