My first official finished cardi

Even though I started my very first sweater over a year ago, a cable knit cardigan of all things, I only just finished my first one last week.  It’s a Scandinavian design from Drops Design.  I’m partial to their designs, it might have something to do with the fact that they’re free!

I have an embarrassingly large stash of New Zealand wool on cones for making my bags.  One contains one of my favourite colours: violet, lavender, or whatever you want to call it. I HAD to see if I could make myself something out of it to wear.

Please excuse the narcissistic-like photos below, but they were taken for the purpose of posting on Ravelry where it’s the standard to be fun and creative with your photos.  I appreciate it when knitters put personality into showing off their creations.

If I was to do this pattern again, I’d use a softer wool, and make the section before the gathered bottom edge a little longer, so it goes under my boobs!!

PATTERN: 106-30 Short DROPS jacket in stocking stitch

YARN: New Zealand wool, light sport weight doubled, purchased on Ebay

NEEDLES: 4.5mm

MODIFICATIONS: Hardly a modification, but I did a 3-needle bind off on the shoulders.

Glazed pottery buttons with a touch of violet in the middle…poifect!

8 thoughts on “My first official finished cardi

  1. it’s not a new shirt, it’s quite, shall we say, revealing, so it doesn’t leave the house much….i’ll have to use it in layering so it can get out in public more. 🙂

  2. super cute!! I love the model-esque pictures! If you’ve got it flaunt it! 🙂 I’m super scared to try sweaters (and socks for that matter)… don’t ask me why… they both seem so daunting! But your creations are inspiring! I plan on taking a sock class once this baby is done cookin’! I’ve got some merino sock yarn to dye for my esty… I’ve just not had the time yet! Maybe I’ll just use it myself!

  3. Believe me SB, I never in a gazillion years thought I could be a sweater knitter, that seemed way too out of my league. But you’d be surprised at how you pick up skills with each little project until you realize you’ve got what it takes to make a full-fledged sweater.

    If you learn how to make socks, you could definitely work towards a sweater! OR you could start on baby sweaters….nice and small! 😉

  4. Congratulations!

    The cardi is cute, and I love the pictures! Don’t apologize. It’s much more fun to look at creative pictures.

    One of the best ways to improve is to do just what you did and ask what you would do differently next time. Over time, you start to recognize what you should change about a pattern before you even cast on, which allows for personalized FOs. I learned to knit long before I learned to read patterns, so for years, I just made stuff up as I went along. Once I learned to read patterns, I started to figure out much better ways to get the results I wanted. Now I mostly start with other people’s patterns and modify them, although I am still occasionally inspired to just wing it!

  5. Thanks Suzanne!! I can’t wait until I’m at the phase where I can modify and come up with those enviable sweaters you see people making for themselves on Ravelry! I’m sure that’ll come in good time.

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