showing off my one-year-old first scarf

Noro Kureyon Scarf 2

This scarf was my first lace project. It was also my first scarf. Why start with a garter stitch one! It needs to be reblocked, but doesn’t it go nice with the jammies I’m wearing?! Ya, I thought so too.

Noro Kureyon Scarf 3

Pattern: Dainty Chevron stitch from “The Knitter’s Bible”
Needle: ummmmm? can’t remember. maybe 5mm
Yarn: Noro Kureyon, Colorway 188 (2 skeins)

Noro Kureyon Scarf 1

6 thoughts on “showing off my one-year-old first scarf

  1. I love that lacy stitch and those colors! So pretty! Yay for fall. I’m so behind in a baby granny square blanket for the baby… I feel like I’ll never get to make anything else!! Love it though… and lovin’ the new blog theme… so you!

  2. That is a beautiful scarf! I love the colorway. I want to try knitting with Noro, just havn’t gotten around to it. I just started reading your blog and am enjoying looking at all of your finished objects.

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