A little mosaic fun

knitting mosaic

I’ve discovered that I finally have hope in posting pics of myself wearing what I make. Even though my wonderful hubby tends towards taking blurry photos, my 11-year-old daughter does not. Wheee! We’ve been having fun with our little photo shoots on the back deck.

I’ve noticed how prevalent fantastic photographers are among those that knit. It must be a natural outcome for those of us who are stimulated and inspired by the beautiful things we see, be it stitches, buttons, or flowers.

6 thoughts on “A little mosaic fun

  1. Your daughter is really talented! Has she had any formal photography training? Also, what kind of camera does she use. They pictures are so sharp! Its’ great for knitting and crocheting because you can actually see the stitches. Thanks for sharing:)

  2. Neither one of us has any formal training, she’s responsible for all the photos of me, I take the rest. I use a Nikon D40. I LOVE it!!!! It’s hard not to take a good photo with it. ;o)

    Thanks all!

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