no knitting allowed

my cappuccino, his puzzle

I’m not allowing myself to knit until perhaps after supper. I’ve been knitting too much. My eyes are telling me so. They need to start looking at something that is more than 12″ away. I’m a “picker” and I have to watch what I’m doing.

So now I have no excuse to procrastinate on housework. I loathe housework.

Here’s some progress pics on my currents WIPs. Below is my Minisweater by Glampyre. I can’t call it the Boobholder as it’s fondly named, because I’m extending mine. I was going to make it into a cropped cardigan, but it didn’t look like it would be as versatile as a full length one would be. After the increases on the fronts, I started doing an open twisted rib stitch. I chose it because it would work with how many stitches were between the button bands. In hindsight I wish I had thought to add some side shaping but it’s pretty close fitting any ways.

Red Minisweater ~ the extended version

Next is my Cat’s Eye V done in sport weight on 10mm needles. I had no idea how awkward that would be!

the cat's eye V-neck

I suppose I should go do some stupid dishes….

5 thoughts on “no knitting allowed

  1. No way you hate housework more than me. Now, since my “accidental allergic attack” I feel less guilty about not enjoying it. Life is too short!

    Love your pictures, they are art too!

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