the huntress hat or “please don’t shoot me!”

my "don't shoot me!" hat

Jon, my hubby, loves to go hunting in the fall. His prey: partridge, or “forest chickens” as I like to call them. This year he wants me to tag along with him. He’s got a little shotgun for me to carry, should I find myself inclined to shoot one them thar critters. I’m not sure how I’d feel about doing that, but I’d like to try it once. I may like it. I may not. I’m just glad he’s not a deer hunter. Most of all, he’s content just to be walking in the woods on a crisp fall day.

So, according to regulations, I must be wearing a neon orange hat. Great. I look like a dork in hats. A little search on Ravelry and I found something that I could try, something that might make me look as dorkyless as possible.

my "don't shoot me!" hat

The Huntress Hat
Pattern: Star Crossed Slouchy Beret
Yarn: Briggs & Little Heritage in Hunter Orange
Needles: Size US 10 1/2 / 6.5mm

What a great pattern! It’s very easy and the cable design is very cool. I did it all in one evening, and blocked it the next morning. I love it. I think I could actually wear one of these out in public, but not in this colour of course. I will most definitely be making more of these babies.

my "don't shoot me!" hat

13 thoughts on “the huntress hat or “please don’t shoot me!”

  1. you have such a fun blog!
    wow you are talented!
    i am tempted to take up knitting but how many hobbies can one person have? so i can’t even start. but if i knew i could make what you do (and not just scarf after scarf after scarf) i would seriously consider it.
    i really love it all.
    and you are gorgeous!

    hope you have a great day!

  2. Hello! This is my first visit to your blog. I jumped over from Tiennie’s. What a great hat. Nicely done. I’m looking forward to looking through your older posts.

  3. Laughing HYSTERICALLY at the thought that hubby wants you to go HUNTING, so of course, you had to KNIT! Because naturally, the first thing anyone would think of in relation to hunting is knitting! Dying! I am dying laughing, here!

  4. How cute! I’m not a hunter; however I walk in the woods my dog so this idea is one I may steal. I think I’ll knit Robin a matching sweater too.

  5. Can i just say, you look like a model. in all your photos. it’s like you’re promotingthe knitting patterns or something. they should pay you.

    and your projects look fantastic, by the way!

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