Drops Design Asymmetrical Jacket

close up garnstudio asymmetrical sweater Not a jacket really, more like a sweater. This is the third sweater I ever started. I was neglecting seaming it up until Kelly nudged me to finish it already (she knows I need the prodding), and so I did, and subsequently had it confirmed to me that I indeed have a problem I have never faced before. Hold on.

It’s a known fact that many many women blossom at 40. A year ago this past June I found that to be true. I felt empowered. I felt liberated. I felt more like a woman. I was WOMAN!!

What I didn’t know is that some women blossom at 40….physically!! “The boys” must have had a committee meeting and decided to jump up a cup size. Ya I could probably stand to lose 5lbs, but the weight’s never benefited me there, ever! I don’t mind, and my hubby certainly doesn’t mind, but I DO mind when I make a size small sweater and it won’t close properly.

I remember many years ago I saw Loni Anderson (remember her?) being interviewed and she said that when the women in her family turned 40, they inevitably had to have a breast reduction. I don’t know why, but her words seared themselves into my brain. And here we are.

After fiddling around with the positioning of the buttons, which exaggerated the A-line and made me come close to reseaming and CUTTING the inside seams, I found a solution that worked. I placed the buttons a little further from the edge of where the double moss stitch and stockinette meet, put a very tight t-shirt on as a minimizer, and it helped, at least enough to satisfy me.

garnstudio asymmetrical sweater

garnstudio asymmetrical sweater

garnstudio asymmetrical sweater

Pattern: DROPS Asymmetrical Jacket (worsted weight version)
Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers, colour #2452
Needles: US 8 / 5.0 mm
Minor Modifications: Buttonholes spaced 6cm apart instead of 7cm, and used the one row reinforced method (3 stitches)

26 thoughts on “Drops Design Asymmetrical Jacket

  1. You look SO pretty in your new sweater. No excessive boobage as far as I can see.

    Being almost 40 myself, I do remember Loni. Wonder what she’s up to now? As a kid I remember thinking how weird her hair looked.

  2. Oh Heidi, this sweater/jacket is beautiful on you and such a nice color, fantastic job! I don’t see where the tightness is at all…and yeah, at our age we are all diggin’ out the controlling types of under/outerwear…lol.

    I too have troubles seeing through projects that require finishing, like my Jane from Perl Grey/Handmaiden and another from the Katia book…I need a friend like Kelly to kick me in the butt too..tehehe. Weird as I drooled over these patterns for sooo long but alas I think I’m so afraid of piecing them together I just freeze up?

  3. I already commented on the sweater on Ravelry (love it!), but I had to comment on the “blossoming” because it made me laugh out loud. I could really use a little blossoming. The biggest I’ve ever been was barely a B, and that was when I was nursing. Most of the time, I’m barely an A. I’m turning 39 next week, so maybe there’s hope for me yet!

  4. Replied privately to Suzanne, but I’m putting this here too:

    I’m not kidding, it literally only started just after I turned 40. It’s very weird but after a year I finally realized it wasn’t all in my head and a month ago I bought a couple new bras. I was literally “busting” out of my current ones. Pun intended. ;o)

    Yes there’s hope for us small girls to have a second puberty!


  5. This sweater is fabulous. It’s on my list – but wow, yours needs to be “favorited” over at Ravelry – nice job and you look great. 5 lbs where? I know, I know – if I could just pick where I lose it….it’s very flattery, nicely done and moving up on my queue!:)

  6. This is a beautiful jacket and has been on my must knit for a while. I love your version and you would never know that you had to fiddle with the buttons 🙂


  7. This is so interesting about the boys growing when you turned 40. I love the sweater! It looks really good, and you did a good job with the button placement because I really can’t tell that its a little tight.

  8. Boys aren’t they “the girls “, I did notice them , lucky you .
    You are doing such wonderful work . Did you hear my big news.

  9. your work is really beautiful. clare has become a knitting addict… i’m going to send her to this blog as their are many things here that’d look great on her, as they do on you.
    much love to you and ‘saintly’ hubby. 🙂 x

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