A couple of neck thingys

First of all, I want to thank everyone for their over-the-top kind words about my Drops Asymmetrical Jacket.  You were all so sweet!

I’m sooooo behind on catching up on all your blogs, it’s on my to-do list. I will check out what you’ve all been up to! I’ve been busy enjoying alone time with my hubby while he was on vacation from work.

In our evenings when we watched a show or a movie, I made a lace cowl and scarf.  Crispy fall air was all it took for me to cast on. Another source of inspiration was Jon buying me some nice new fall clothes that I wanted to accessorize. That’s my kind of vacation!

Ridged Lace Cowl

(my “stunned” look!!)

Ridged Lace Cowl

PatternRidged Lace Cowl
Yarn:  Debbie Bliss Merino DK
Needle:  US 8/5mm
Thoughts:  If I were to make another, I’d cast on less than the 95 sts. Even so, I love it!! I should also note that it’s probably obvious I didn’t block it. I’m too afraid it’ll grow. I know I’ll have to wash it at some point though.

Half-Hour Skinny Suede Scarf

Half-Hour Skinny Suede Scarf
Pattern: Half-Hour Skinny Suede Scarf
Yarn: Lion Brand Lion Suede
: US 15/10mm (pattern calls for 25mm, which I didn’t have)

8 thoughts on “A couple of neck thingys

  1. I love them both, but the cowl’s my fav, it looks great on you. AND I love your stunned look 😉
    Sounds like you had a wonderful time with hubby.

  2. ❤ the cowl….esp that color. I don’t know if turquoise is one of “my” colors…but i’m totally drawn to it!

    Great job…they are both gorgeous!

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