Crocheted Mesh Scarf

Update: I’ve added a free pattern for this scarf/wrap here:
Crocheted Mesh Scarf
For Ravelites:

In my travels at Ravelry (which are embarrassingly frequent) I stumbled upon a very chic looking Crocheted Mesh Scarf made by Jen. I had to have one of my very own!! I used her notes as a springboard, and figured it out along the way.

Digging around some old balls of wool, I found a ball of Paton’s Classic Merino in Dark Grey Mix. I wasn’t sure it was a full ball, but I figured there was plenty enough. I crocheted until I ran out of yarn, and at one point I was tempted to unravel it all because it seemed smaller than it should be. Thankfully I didn’t because it turned out to be the perfect size, especially after blocking.

I have now posted the pattern under my Free Patterns tab at the top of this page.

13 thoughts on “Crocheted Mesh Scarf

  1. These types of scarves are fun, quick to make, and great for this time of year. Great photos!
    When I saw yours, I remembered one I had crocheted a few years ago. Mine is not as wide and has a flower fringe, I uploaded it to my project page on Ravelry – Filet crochet scarf.

  2. I love your scarf. You did a really nice job on this. It reminds me of the shawl I made a couple of years ago. It’s not on Ravelry, but I’ll have to get a picture of it up.

    I also love the photo shoots you do on your blog!! The scenery is beautiful.

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