A diamond neckwarmer without the diamonds

tiffany choker 4

This weekend I made this neckwarmer/choker to match a new blouse. I’m amazed at how such a little thing can make you feel a little warmer. I used the Diamond Stitch, which was a bit tricky what with “yfrn”, and yarn forwards with SKP right after (do I slip the yo or the slipped stitch?). After I few false starts, I got it figured out.

tiffany choker 2

It’s a cute little accessory. I admit I haven’t attached buttons yet (don’t have appropriate ones). I sewed it onto me with matching yarn. It’ll fit that much better when it’s overlapped a little with proper little buttons through their little yarn-over holes.

tiffany choker 5

tiffany choker 3

In case anyone is interested in trying the pattern out for yourself, or you’re in the mood to practice your eyelet skills, I’ve posted the pattern at the link below.

wordpress tiffany choker thumbnail Tiffany Choker

12 thoughts on “A diamond neckwarmer without the diamonds

  1. That looks lovely on you. I just finished the ‘birthday cowl’ this week for a gift. I’m back to making wrist warmers with Noro again – I’m loving these quick little projects 🙂

  2. Very cute!!! Love the color. How did you learn to knit? I’m dying to learn but I am so used to crocheting. You’re lucky you don’t live closer or I’d be begging for a lesson, lol:) Take care and thanks for sharing:)

  3. Hi Heidi~

    I’m with you all the way, just alittle bit of coverage around your neck & you DO feel awhole lot warmer!

    The color is lovely on you & looks FAB with your new shirt! See you on Saturday*wink*

  4. The neckwarmer looks fabulous, and it looks wonderful on you. I like the top you are wearing as well – very cute.

    Myself, I can’t weart neckwarmers or anything around my neck. Even turtlenecks or sweater or tops that are too close to my neck won’t get worn.

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