Little Cherry Blossoms Bag is FINALLY here!

See the bag in my banner up there? That’s my original Cherry Blossom bag. It lives out on the west coast with it’s owner. Over the past year, that very simple little bag has introduced me to many sweet knitters who have shared their affection for it through the loveliest comments.

Moments ago, I clicked on the “Export Directly as PDF” in Writer, where my draft has been in-process for the past 5 days. She’s done. Okay, so I had to quit my part time job as a drug store cosmetician to finally get that goal accomplished, but it was worth it.

The original bag was smaller than this pattern version. Still, this is not your cavernous bag of today. If you like to travel light, are looking for a super fast knit, need a gift for your bestie, or want a “just for fun” handbag, then I present to you the “Little Cherry Blossoms Bag” pattern.

The original was made from some New Zealand wool I had in my stash. It took many prototypes to convert it to Cascade 220 but I finally nailed it on about try #4. Yes, I’m picky.

This ecru one below ended up being a little taller by adding a couple of extra rows to the body of the bag. It also has an extended-version of the original embroidery design.

Taller Ecru Version

PDF Pattern includes 10 pages of very detailed instructions and photos for every step of the process. Embroidery instructions are also included, plus my favorite tips in laying out your design on the bag.

Approximate finished size: 9″ wide, 5 ½” high at mid-point, and it’s depth in the base is about 5 ½”

Difficulty level: enthusiastic beginner

– 2 skeins/440 yards of Cascade 220 Wool (color #9460 “Dune Heather”)
– Size US 10 ½” / 6.5mm circular needle, 24″ long (give or take an inch)
– Size US 10 ½” / 6.5mm double-pointed needles for doing strap, but not necessary
– One size US K 10 ½” / 6.5mm crochet hook

You can purchase this pattern for $6.00 at Etsy here:

Little Cherry Blossoms Bag – PDF PATTERN at

Or, if you’re a member of Ravelry, you can purchase it there:

The Little Cherry Blossoms Bag at Ravelry

12 thoughts on “Little Cherry Blossoms Bag is FINALLY here!

  1. Gorgeous, the minute I can get to the yarn store and buy some cascade I’m making one for myself and then my mother-in-law. Congrats!

  2. Love the shape of this bag: it’s so beautifully balanced.
    And is that a pottery button you’ve used as a closure? Absolutely gorgeous colours in the glaze… perfect with your cherry blossoms and wool.

    1. Thank you!! That button IS gorgeous. Yes, it’s glazed pottery. I snagged it off of a seller on ebay, I only have a few left. I haven’t seen any more on there, so I’ll be sad when they’re gone. Thanks for the lovely compliments!

  3. Hello, this bag is so cute! I would like to see the price of the PDF pattern or directly buy the bag—but it shows on Etsy that it’s sold…Would you have another pattern/bag available for sale?

    Thanks for sharing this gorgeous bag. 🙂

  4. I purchased your instructions for the Little Cherry Blossoms Bag and had a question. In Binding Off, the last sentence in the last paragraph states “Place the 3 previous sets of 5 sts on stitch holders for the time being.

    Not sure if this is an error since there is no indication where these stitches came from and there is no further instruction of what to do with them.

    Thanks for your help.


    1. Hi Sheri. First off, thank you for purchasing the pattern!

      Okay, now when you are binding off, you are, at the same time, knitting 4 sets of 5 stitches for the straps. You will noticed the instructions say:

      “You will now work an i-cord handle to be attached to the other side.”

      So the strap you work will be attached to the live stitches on that same side of the bag, like an upsidedown U.

      After you have completed this part, you then:

      “Now work the strap in the same manner on the exact opposite side of the one you just made by attaching a new length of yarn.”

      So you’ll have 2 sets of “live” stitches on the other side of the bag where you attached new yarn and work another strap and attach it.

      I hope this helps. If you need more clarity, just let me know! 🙂


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