2 thoughts on “A little sneaky peek

    1. In the case where you’ve made your item out of a natural fiber (wool; cotton etc.), you have the advantage of bringing your finished item to it’s fullest potential. To block, you wet your finished project fully (either immerse in lukewarm water or spray with water). Gently blot to remove excess water. Spread a large towel onto a cushiony surface (ex. puzzle mats — this is what I use; a spare bed that won’t be disturbed by people or pets). Spread your wet item onto the smoothed towel and lay it out to the size that it should be. You pin it into place. It’s a bit like taking a wrinkled shirt and ironing it. Your edges are straight or nicely curved as they should be, and your item is flat.

      Believe me, blocking makes all the difference in the world in how things will look! 🙂

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