Atlantic Fiber Festival Knit East ~ What fun!

This past weekend I had the pleasure of accompanying my favourite local knitter and good friend Kelly to Knit East here in New Brunswick. It was the first of many fiber festivals to come, organized by Cricket Cove. The location was the very lovely historical Algonquin Hotel in St. Andrews-By-The-Sea.

The Algonquin

I had the honour of photographing a shawl swap organized by Kelly and her friend. Next time, I want in!

Shawl Swap

I didn’t get to participate in any of the classes since I registered a little too close to the festival weekend and didn’t have the funds. I did however get to enjoy the Yarn Harlot speaking on Saturday night. What a hoot she is! She had us laughing over and over again. She spoke about the benefits of knitting to the brain and your overall emotional well-being. Non-knitters have got to get in on this, they have no idea what benefits they’re missing out on. 🙂

I met some very talented, warm, funny, friendly fellow knitters and was thoroughly impressed with many of their personally designed garments.

Kelly, Jerrica, Me

Here are the goodies I came away with and their intended projects:

Bess by Handmaiden Fine Yarn ~ for my first shawl
100% Pima Cotton Flame by Americo Original ~ to make "Amiga" (Knitty Spring/Summer 2011 - click photo for pattern)
Eco + by Cascade Yarns ~ for Aidez cardigan (click photo for pattern)
Briggs & Little Heritage ~ for Shoulder Shrug by Patons (click photo for pattern)
My first Addis!!!! Actually bought these on our way home at Cricket Cove, Blacks Harbour.
I missed out on getting a copy of Cat's book at the festival, but thankfully the LYS on our route home had a copy

Can’t wait for the next Knit East, set to take place in 2013!

5 thoughts on “Atlantic Fiber Festival Knit East ~ What fun!

  1. I love your yarn picks! And I saw the link for the cardigan. it’s too short for me, but now I want to make a million dorset buttons!

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