Leg Warmers

not the ideal shoes, but oh well

I was curious about having some leg warmers for added warmth this coming winter season, so I knit up a pair of Jane Richmond’s Leg Warmers.  One could easily whip up a pair of these in a day or two, depending on their spare time.  While I don’t “love” them, I’m sure I’ll use them with boots, or even hidden under some wider leg jeans!

ah, that’s a little better

7 thoughts on “Leg Warmers

  1. Okay, now I feel old! lol. I wore leg warmers back in the 80’s when I was but a teenager, particularly the early 80s. I guess we can thank both Flashdance and Jane Fonda for this trend, but you know they really did keep your legs warm.

  2. Considering I’ve found a semi-recent love of skirts, it might be a good thing for me to make some leg-warmers this winter. My skirts are always long ones, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get chilly under there when the winter winds are blowing!

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