Sailing, sailing

I promise I’ll soon revert back to knitting content, but I’ve saved revealing my favourite pillow covers for last.  I see these residing in some seaside cottage or at least a wanna-be seaside cottage!



They currently reside in my esty shop.

I made “some” pillow covers

Yup, I sure made some alright.  I went on a sewing binge recently.  That tends to be how I roll.  I don’t make any for weeks and weeks and then churn out 20.  I figure it’s easier to cut and cut and cut, and then sew and sew and sew.


These are currently available in my Etsy shop.  My favourites have yet to be listed, I’ll show them next.  Reds and aquas will play a feature role!

Pretty flowers

Picnic Bouquet Pillow Cover 16x16

I love this fabric. It’s delightful, nostalgic, and graceful.

This is what Heather Bailey writes about her own Nicey Jane fabric collection:

The collection tells the story of small-town girl, Nicey Jane. Nicey heads to the city on Friday nights to swing dance with her beau — but not before hanging the laundry to dry & enjoying an afternoon picnic on the farm.

So sweet!

This pillow cover can be purchased online in my Etsy shop here:

Lilibeth’s Garden

Heather Bailey’s Church Flowers Pillow Covers

For my latest pillow covers I used Heather Bailey’s “Church Flowers” fabric from her Nicey Jane line. Oh how sweet her designs are! So fresh and cheerful. I imagine these pillows on a pair of wicker chairs on a white painted covered porch somewhere!

Green with Blue Flowers Pillow Cover 16x16
White with Blue Flowers Pillow Cover 16x16

These can be found in my shop here:

Lilibeth’s Garden

Handmade pillow covers

I’ve enthusiastically entered into the world of pillow covers, not for me mind you, but for my Etsy shop, Lilibeth’s Garden. I especially adore patchwork and collecting vintage bed linens. I’m having way too much fun making them to restrict them to personal decor. I love my home business and am grateful beyond words to be able to do what I do.

Here are a few of my latest pillows, the first one being my most favourite!:

Cheerful Quilted Pillow Cover
Scrumptious Vintage Pillow Cover
vintage patchwork 18" pillow cover
Vintage Patchwork Pillow Cover

You can find these and more pillow covers at my shop found here:

Lilibeth’s Garden