Polymer clay bead progress


I have spent months and months and months utilizing many different techniques in my attempt to make polymer clay look like pottery or ceramic. Then there was the problem of making absolutely sure the finish was durable and resistant to being scraped off. I finally had breakthrough and am super excited to get down to the business of designing and making beads!

I plan to make loose beads and pendants for makers, and knitting stitch markers for knitters.

I just love the medium of polymer clay. It’s so versatile!

Knitting with cows!

The Lonely Tree Shawl – worsted weight (hello quick knit!)

A few weeks ago we went camping here in New Brunswick, Canada, and found our site to be sitting directly behind a farm. I was delighted at the chance to knit with cows in my line of view!

Handmade Stitch Markers Coming in 2018!

owl prototype

I have some new things on the horizon for my Etsy shop. I am busy designing and making prototypes for original handmade artisan stitch markers. I’m really exciting about how things are coming along and can’t wait for the day I can begin to add them to my shop.

Stay tuned for further details in the coming months!

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Spray Painted Mason Jar Inspiration!

I stumbled onto these images yesterday and found them to be a sheer visual delight!  Apparently this is not a new idea, but it was new to me.  I’ll definitely be copying this brilliant mason jar makeover project!


Joy’s Ode to Spray Paint

Click the links below each photo for further tips and inspiration.  I”ll soon be making a trip to the local hardware store to see what lovely possibilities they have in the spray paint aisle!


Mason Jar Lanterns by Alyssa Ettinger

These would be great for so many different occasions and settings.  Have fun!

Paprika Cauliflower and Sweet Potato Soup

On one of the blogs I follow, there was a tantilizing post for Paprika Cauliflower and Sweet Potato Soup. Last night I made it and let me tell you, its a keeper! It calls for roasting the vegetables in the oven with oil, but since I avoid using processed oils, I used vegetable broth instead. Worked just dandy.

freshly roasted veggies

veggies added to broth then simmered


Since we still have our fair share of chilly days here on the east coast, it’s a welcome dish!

ZigZag Cowl Test Knit

This is a test knit I very recently completed for the lovely Faye, a very talented British knitter, designer and blogger.  The pattern will be available through Erika Knight at some point in the future.  There will be a link on Faye’s blog, Buttons and Beeswax, and on Ravelry when it is finally released.

It was a fun and easy project, but the result is a luxurious and warm cowl!


Pattern: ZigZag Cowl*
Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers, Straw-Gold
 US 7 / 4.5 mm

*I’ll update the link to the actual pattern page on Ravelry once it’s available.



It’s a very versatile design and can be used as a hood, which is particularly useful for those of us who live in places where winter likes to make a very definite appearance!


Faye has previously designed a matching hat which is already available for purchase.  You can see some great photos of it on her blog here: ZigZag Hat.

Thank you Faye for another great design, and for letting me test it out for you!

Shroom Slouchy

I knit this hat back in October and only just got around to photographing it (tisk tisk!).


Pattern: Shroom Slouchy
Yarn: Cascade 220 *held double
Needles: US 13 / 9.0 mm


I reduced the ribbing section by 1″, and did only 4 repeats of the puff rib pattern.

A very quick knit with some fun stitchwork!