Laundry Room Makeover

Part A:  Cindy’s Inspirational Laundry Room Redo

A couple weeks ago I was surfing around for photos of board and batten and came across this laundry room transformation:

Cindy's laundry room makeover

I just love how bloggers can inadvertently change a room in your house just because they shared what they did in theirs!

Part B:  My Own Laundry Room Makeover

The Before

My own sad little laundry room had a very similar layout and I had an ah-ha moment. I too could put board and batten on my boring wall opposite the washer and dryer.  Next thing you know I found myself at Home Depot buying mdf, and at various other places to collect up everything I needed to transform my messy neglected laundry cave:

Not a very inspiring room to keep clean (or finish painting for that matter!)

Right off the bat I was interested in seeing what the little room would look like if I took the doors off the cupboard. As you can see below, it was really nothing more than a big junk collector. I cut out some paper trim and taped them up into the corners to see what that would look like. If I did this, I’d want it to look finished and I figured some trim would help.

Paper "trim" taped up to see what it would look like
The After

Less than two weeks later, I now have a laundry room that is a pleasure to walk into! I don’t even mind my old washer and dryer.

The paint colour is "Delicate Moss" by Debbie Bliss
I removed the door which helped make the little room feel more spacious
Taking the doors off definitely added to a feeling of openness and space
Handy hooks from Walmart for hangers of clothes I need to air dry
Cafe style curtains replaced the mini-blind to bring in more light and yet give privacy from the neighbour's driveway (and unsightly green fence!)
A sweet vintage cut out from a children's book from Abundant Curiosities at (click image to be taken to her shop)
I used plain old white semi-gloss paint right off the shelf
A little applique design of mine to add some cheer
My daughter found this vintage recipe box in a thrift shop last summer and I couldn't help but display it here

Maybe it’s obvious to some, but the beadboard is actually paintable beadboard wallpaper. I chose to use the Wall Doctor brand by Graham and Brown, made in England, and found it at my local Canadian Tire. I compared it to the Martha Stewart one sold at Home Depot (which is NOT prepasted – NO thank you!) and found the Wall Doctor one to be of a superior quality. It was super easy to work with and well worth the money.

In case you’re wondering where the heck the laundry detergent is etc., I keep a jug of detergent on the floor, and bleach and fabric softener up in the closet in the next room (the back entry). I don’t use those much, so they don’t need to be super handy.

A poochie approved place to store the laundry detergent

A few baskets hold dish towels, dish cloths, and single socks.

Easy to grab dishcloths in a basket (my kitchen is close to the laundry room)

It’s a pretty room to do laundry in, and I find I’m keeping up on the clothes washing much better than I used to!

FYI: Three bags left at 50% off!

Yes, these babies are all that’s remaining in the Sale section of Lilibeth’s Garden.

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The long strap on this bag makes this a perfect tote for carrying over your shoulder and across your chest, keeping your hangs free. I've embellished the front of the bag with 3 hand-embroidered allium flowers in hand-dyed Japanese wool in rich varying tones of blues and greens.
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Looking for a small purse? This petite little number is the perfect size for toting around a wallet, cellphone, lipstick, glasses, a small book, and a few other small necessities. It would make a sweet accessory for any little girl, or a not so little girl.

The Ashling Tote Pattern…for Cascade 220 Wool!

ashling tote on wicker chair

Yesterday I said I’d have the pattern for the Cascade 220 Wool version of The Ashling Tote available in the near future. Sometimes things take much longer than you anticipated. This is not one of those times!

I have about 5 prototypes for the Cascade 220 version. Let’s just say that being a perfectionist is a curse.

I had this perfectly adorable pale green sample and I have chosen it as “the one”. I think I might even steal the sample and use it for myself.

on wicker chair 2

hanging on door

The Ashling Tote Pattern for Cascade 220 at Etsy

Ravelry members can purchase it immediately for $7.00 USD here:

Or check it out at Ravelry here: The Ashling Tote Pattern for Cascade 220 at Ravelry

Happy knitting!!

no knitting allowed

my cappuccino, his puzzle

I’m not allowing myself to knit until perhaps after supper. I’ve been knitting too much. My eyes are telling me so. They need to start looking at something that is more than 12″ away. I’m a “picker” and I have to watch what I’m doing.

So now I have no excuse to procrastinate on housework. I loathe housework.

Here’s some progress pics on my currents WIPs. Below is my Minisweater by Glampyre. I can’t call it the Boobholder as it’s fondly named, because I’m extending mine. I was going to make it into a cropped cardigan, but it didn’t look like it would be as versatile as a full length one would be. After the increases on the fronts, I started doing an open twisted rib stitch. I chose it because it would work with how many stitches were between the button bands. In hindsight I wish I had thought to add some side shaping but it’s pretty close fitting any ways.

Red Minisweater ~ the extended version

Next is my Cat’s Eye V done in sport weight on 10mm needles. I had no idea how awkward that would be!

the cat's eye V-neck

I suppose I should go do some stupid dishes….

A little mosaic fun

knitting mosaic

I’ve discovered that I finally have hope in posting pics of myself wearing what I make. Even though my wonderful hubby tends towards taking blurry photos, my 11-year-old daughter does not. Wheee! We’ve been having fun with our little photo shoots on the back deck.

I’ve noticed how prevalent fantastic photographers are among those that knit. It must be a natural outcome for those of us who are stimulated and inspired by the beautiful things we see, be it stitches, buttons, or flowers.

it’s true

What does this have to do with knitting or creative endeavors?  Nothing.  But I found this to be true while knitting with a dear friend today:

“True friendship comes when silence between two people is comfortable.”  ~Dave Tyson Gentry