I love green!

Today I listed a few new bags, all of them green. I’ve had the bags felted and trimmed for quite a while now, and decided it was high time they were embroidered.

They can all be purchased from my Lilibeth’s Garden Etsy shop.

Lilibeth’s Garden at Etsy.com

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The Ashling Tote Pattern

This is a pattern I’ve been working on for months.  Not straight mind you, but as I could, and as my sanity permitted.

I’m releasing the first version which is specifically for using a very lovely Canadian wool in Briggs & Little Heritage.  This is hands down my most favourite wool for making bags. And it’s incredibly affordable!

I do hope to get the Cascade 200 Wool version ready in the near future.

So here she is, the beloved Canadian version of The Ashling Tote:


This pattern can be purchased as a pdf file in my Etsy shop: The Ashling Tote Pattern at Etsy.

If you are a member at Ravelry, you can check out the pattern page for The Ashling Tote to see more details.

The Ashling Tote at Ravelry
$7.00 USD