Cabled Shoulder Shrug

Pattern: Shoulder Shrug
Yarn: Briggs & Little Heritage, Grey
Needles: US 8 / 5.0 mm

Although this project quickly ushered me into a major case of redundancy, I’m really happy with how it turned out.  Where it’s 100% wool, it’s very helpful in dealing with our cold Canadian winter days.

I had knit it to the specified length, but then had to rip back quite a few inches once I realized it would wrap around me and then some.  I recommend knitting until it reaches around you comfortably – not too tight, not too loose.

I also didn’t knit the ribbed neck section as long as the pattern stated.  This meant only needing 3 skeins.

As to how you wear such a thing with a coat, I simply have it up off of my shoulders, basically wearing it as a cowl, with the bulk of it draped in the front.  It looks fine and is very protective against chilly weather!

It’s a fun pattern, even with having to rip back several inches after goofing up the cabling once or twice!

a cozy weekend

This past week was a mighty nice one. The weekend was great too. Jon took me, my friend Kelly, and our daughter Faith to one of the best yarn shops in the Maritimes. It’s about an hour away from here but it’s always worth the trip. Jon, with some help from Mr. Visa, indulged me in the purchase of some pretty fine future projects. One skein is wool and silk, while the other is 100% silk. I can’t wait to work with this stuff.

Earlier in the week I had a fun knitting date with my darling knitting friend Kelly where she was working on the sweet Liesl sweater displayed in the stunning photograph below. I got to see the completed masterpiece on Sunday. This photo was taken by Kelly’s hubby in the “backyard”.

I dug out an old project and completed it so I could make use of it before the summer season is over. It’s made of cotton/angora. I’ve discovered I have a very capable photographer in my house, and that would be my 11 year old daughter. It was the first time I had asked her to take pics and she did great! I needed these for my page.

I cast on for a new sweater, it’s a from Norwegian based company. If you’re curious, you can see it here. I’m quite excited about it.

I ended the day making some seafood chowder from scratch. You see I had some in a restaurant on Saturday when Jon treated Kelly, Faith, and I to a little snack on our knitting day trip. I’m not one who really likes to cook, but after having a midnight snack of the yummy chowder last night, I think I’ll have to consider doing this more often!


it’s been a good week.  i’ve finally gotten back into my lovely knitting.  i’ve slowly begun a few bags and plan to whip a few up for this fall to put in my etsy shop.

i’ve also gotten back into working on a few sweaters i had started. spending time with my lovely favourite knitting girlfriend kelly is always inspirational. for our last few knitting dates i’ve worked on a bag while she works on a damn fine sweater! i dug out my poor neglected and almost finished sweaters and am happy to be working on them once again. i have yet to complete my first “real” sweater.

here’s the first thing i’m getting off the needles. it’s something i could be using right now, plus i want those needles to start another sweater. it’s the one skein wonder shrug done in Debbie Bliss cotton angora.

YUM! note to self: make me some nice stitch markers!!