Leg Warmers

not the ideal shoes, but oh well

I was curious about having some leg warmers for added warmth this coming winter season, so I knit up a pair of Jane Richmond’s Leg Warmers.  One could easily whip up a pair of these in a day or two, depending on their spare time.  While I don’t “love” them, I’m sure I’ll use them with boots, or even hidden under some wider leg jeans!

ah, that’s a little better

Aidez KAL

September 24th marks the beginning of a knit along for Aidez, the gorgeous cardigan designed by Cirilia Rose, which resides at the top of my queue on Ravelry.  A big thanks to Kelly at CelticCaston.com for initiating this much awaited project!

image source: berroco

I had originally purchased a lovely green shade of Cascade Eco +, but it was bought on a whim and didn’t grab my heart as it should.  Thankfully I found the perfect colour from a fellow knitter on Ravelry who had it up for sale.  It’s more of a light brown stone colour, perfect to go with anything.


Stayed tuned at Kelly’s blog for our progress.  I hope to start some swatching on Saturday.  Let the winding begin!

Insou How I Love You!

This hat is so vintagey, and was a pleasure to knit.  It’s knit flat and then seamed.  I was too lazy to figure out how to knit it in the round, though I know others have done so on Ravelry.


Pattern: Insou
Yarn: Berroco Vintage, Breezeway 5194
US 9 / 5.5 mm


It was my first time using Berroco Vintage.  It’s so soft!  If I were to make this hat again (and I definitely might do just that), I’d probably go down a needle size since the hat grew quite a bit with wear.